Pandora Nurturing Hair Oil

How about Rosemary oil? Rosemary is well known on culinary and healing herb, but more wonders came in once we talk about its benefits as essential oil for our hair. It is proven that it has anti- inflammatory properties, it promotes hair growth and improves circulation which will be good from inside out. Why? Because it could prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss. Apart from stimulating hair growth, this oil is used to prevent premature graying and dandruff. It may also help dry or itchy scalp. I know right, pretty amazing! Well there’s more that these firsttwo oils we talked about, let get more. Now its Jasmine’s oil turn. Let’s see what it can do to our hair. First of all Jasmine oil have amazing moisturizing properties. It is a strong anti-septic which helps fight any microbial infection in the scalp like eczema, dryness and especially dandruff and it has proven anti-hairball properties. It has an emollient which provides a protective coat that locks in moisture. Jasmine oil definitely smells great which relaxes our senses which reduce stress levels. for sure you love it as well on your tea right?Aside from these mentioned oil we do have 2 more important essential oils that made our Pandora Nurturing Hair Oil into perfection. This is where Lavender Oil comes up, knows not just because of its soothing effects and stress relief aroma, it does have a lot of beneficial propertiesthat supports hair health such as:1.Hair Growth – it will help your hair to grow thicker and faster than normal2.Its antimicrobial – it prevents common hair or scalp issues it particular like itchy scalp or dandruff and even infections.3.It helps to prevent and kill head lice – which helps to reduce lice on head 4.Lavender oil helps curb skin inflammation – which means it is good to scalp inflammation and dryness.Having lavender oil as part of the ingredients of your hair regime really gives a tender loving care to your scalp and hair strands.  Last but not the least! We got another oil that adds shine and softness to your hair! This oil soothes the scalp and it does have natural solution for hair lice and dandruff. It hydrates the scalp thus eases the associated irritating and itching which is due to dryness. It is very effective on dry and brittle hair. Oh Yes nothing else but Chamomile oil, it retains moisture level and strengthens hair from within, leaving behind soft and strong tresses.All of these essential oils can be found in one productonly. Pandora Nurturing Hair Oil can give you all the benefits for the each essential oils we had talked about a while ago. I bet there’s nothing else you could as for, all natural, it protects, prevents and brings out the beauty inside and out!