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Our achievements 2011/22

Pandora’s innovation breakthrough is the result of 11 years of hard work and extensive research by Amina Meaad and her team, after spending night after night in her lab with dedication and passion to improve the lives of women and men suffering from hair loss around the world.

For Amina Meaad, a health and beauty expert who was always deeply interested in the study of natural herbs…

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Event 3

Pandora`s YouTube Event

Pandora`s Event

Pandora was clinically proven to regrow new hair for both males and females suffering from baldness, hair fall and thinning hair, whether inherited or due to medical conditions.
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Hair Treatment


The International Forum

Women have played a major role in advancing Egypt at home and raising its name abroad in international forums and competitions.
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Pandora in Germany

Pandora`s YouTube Fair

Pandora`s Fair

BRONZE Medal -2015 IENA innovation Fair.
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Salon Des Inventions

Pandora`s YouTube Exhibition

Exhibition 2015

The Exhibition for the inventors.
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Formula to treat hair


Amina Miad

She raised the Egyptian flag and wore it at the 2015 Geneva Invention Fair. Amina Miad: Created a formula to treat hair problems after 6 years of experiences.
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Pandora in Korea

Pandora`s YouTube Women


Sliver award from the Korean international Women’s invention exposition. .
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    جهاد محمد
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    بصراحه جربت الاول الشامبو و البلسم و الزيت و لقيت نتيجه ممتازه و المنتج فعلا طبيعي و لطيف عل الشعر ف طلبت تأتي و جبت السيرم و الاسبراي رائعين و بيقضي عل الهيشان و طلبت تالت و جبت كمان الغسول بقي ده حاجه تحففففه بصراحه نتيجه ف لحظتها و الله خلاص مابقتش استخدم غير منتجاتكم
    Basma Adam
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    منتجات جميلة وشركة محترمة في الأسلوب والتعامل والاسبراي والسيرم حلوين جدا حنتظم عليه ع طول كروتين رعاية يومي ريحته المنتجات كلها تجنن لانها منتجات طبيعية مفهاش ولا اي حاجه كمياويه الأهم من النتيجه اللي حنوصلها اني مرتاحه مع المجموعه كلها انها مش مضرة ومش حيبوظ حاجه مخلي الشعر صحي ومترطب طول الوقت غسول الوش ده حبار ده مش مشغول ده ماسك طبيعي بينظف حلو اوي حبيته وطلبت اورد تاني
    Om Malek Waked
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    انا جربت زيت باندورا وفعلا جميل وطلعلي بيبي هير وكثفلي شعري
    Dalia Yihea
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    انا جربت الغسول بقش الارز بجد جميل جدا بحس ان وشى نور بعد شطفه بجد تحفه وكفايه انه منتج طبيعى
    Rizalyne Sioco Soriano
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    I am using the pandora hair oil, and just for a couple of used I can see the result.. small baby hairs are starting to grow. My hair starting get thicker.. highly recommended
    Radwa Hassan
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    perfect products I like it very much .. I highly recommend it
    Alaa Hamed
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    I really like your product , i am very grateful to you , Thanks Pandora
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