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Pandora can be used for women and men also its safe for kids as the ingredients are organic. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Blandit aenean enim, donec sem orci lobortis cras etiam magna.

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Common Questions

How can I submit an order?

Add the products you want to buy to the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart icon and click on complete order, fill in the data, and the payment will be cash.

How can I cancel my order? Or if the order got damaged or broken?

1- Through our page messages on Facebook:

2- Though Instagram messages:

3-By calling the following numbers: Calls or WhatsApp: 01110020098, 01110020038

4- Or by inclination:

Can I use other products with Pandora?

It is not allowed to use other products, as Pandora products are an integrated product.

Does hair loss occur when I stop using Pandora products?

Hair loss will not occur when you stop using Pandora products because it works naturally germinate the voids, in addition to these products

Is it an approved products from the ministry of health?

Yes a product authorized by the Egyptian ministry of health and holds quality certificates and international prizes from different countries like America, Germany, South Korea, UAE, Kuwait and nominated by the Egyptian academy of scientific research.

Is the products safe for children, pregnant women and the elderly?

Yes it’s safe for all ages, its ingredients are 100% natural

Are Pandora’s products only for women?

Pandora products are suitable for women and men because it’s 100%natural and safe products.

Can I use Pandora’s products in case of dyed hair or treated hair?

Of course, you can use products in the case of dyed hair or treated hair because they are natural products and therefore there are no harms.

Is Pandora cruelty-free?

Pandora is 100% cruelty-free and does not test on animals.

Is a group used in cases of early baldness and hereditary baldness?

Yes, it is used in cases of early baldness and hereditary baldness, also it has proven to be effective in growing hair again naturally.

How to use hair set


The first step to getting long and healthy hair is caring of the scalp with Pandora Spray, which is rich in natural oils for a healthy scalp care. Use the spray on the scalp and massage it.


Apply shampoo from roots to the ends. Don’t scratch the scalp and do the gentle massage.


Put the oil for half an hour and leave it on hair from 6to12hours and enjoy thicker and stronger hair .


Start with the ends and condition your way up so your tips have more time to soak up the moisture they need.


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